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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have other questions please go to the contact page and fill out the contact form and we will respond promptly.

Answers to Common Questions


When is check in and check out? 

Check-in time is 4 pm and check out is 2 pm.


Is early check-in or late check out possible? 

Early check-in or a late checkout could be possible with prior permission and a possible fee. Contact the store/registration desk to review. 


Are visitors allowed to visit my campsite? 

ShadyPoint is a private park and every visitor needs to be aware of the rules and register as a visitor. This is to ensure all visitor/campers safety and enjoyment. There is a fee and they will be given a day pass. 


Can I bring my own golf cart? 

Yes, but there is a onetime per season registration cost and you have to show proof of insurance


How far in advance can I make a reservation? 

Reservations can be made one year in advance and are encouraged since we do fill up quickly in the summer months. 


Are pets allowed? 

Yes. We have a pet policy, no aggressive dogs, max 2 dogs unless prior permission is given. Contact the store for the specific pet policy questions.  


Can I cancel my reservation? 

Yes. There may be a small service fee assessed.


What are restricted view sites?

Restricted view, are sites not on the lakefront but have views to the lake from a terraced level and through some trees.

Can I break up my seasonal costs, or do I need to pay up front?  

Seasonal can be paid in installments that can be arranged but the full amount needs to be paid in full a month before the season ends. 


Are there extra fees for storing docks/piers, trailers or decks? 

The docks are all property of SPC, so you're just renting a slip for the season and no storage fees apply. There is also no over-winter storage fee if you are keeping your seasonal trailer spot. No charges for your plan-approved site decks.

How big can we make our decks on our trailer site?

Deck plans must be pre-approved and the sizes are based on what’s reasonable per your trailer and the lot size, typically 8’ wide by trailer length

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